NCA Coats for Kids was started by Joe Petrozzi, a drycleaner in upstate New York back in 1967.  Joe had an elementary school around the corner form his shop, Capitol Cleaners, and felt terrible when he saw kids walking to school without a coat because they couldn’t afford one. He would give coats to children as they walked by, usually his son Russ’s coats. One day he realized the synergy of asking customers for their coats, cleaning them and distributing the coats to those in need. Joe was an active board member of the NCA (Neighborhood Cleaners Association) based in NYC.  Joe brought the idea to the NCA board and before you knew it, NCA Coats for Kids Inc. partnered with local dry cleaning businesses, and other organizations to collect new or gently-owned coats from families and individuals whose children had outgrown them. The coats are then cleaned (with love, and with the compliments by) local dry cleaning businesses.

NCA drycleaners everywhere were collecting, cleaning and distributing coats under the name Coats For Kids.  To the best of our knowledge this was the birthplace for the Coats For Kids idea, although as long as children and adults alike are getting much needed warmth, it doesn’t matter where it started, it’s just an amazing charity which many others have followed. NCA Coats for Kids Inc. is a 501(c)3 corporation who has proudly facilitated the Collection, Cleaning and Donating of Coats for children in need.